Aim Acceleration Ruins This Game!

I don’t know about anyone else, but I notice the difference in the aiming right away when I switch from playing Reach to H3. Halo Reach and Halo 4’s aiming is much smoother and on-target, unlike Halo 3’s aiming. It feels clunky. Let me explain.

If anyone understands what aim acceleration is, it is a HUGE difference from aim assist. I’ve read some old posts about this subject and I notice that people get the two completely mixed up. They are 2 different things.

Halo 3 is the ONLY Halo game that put in aim acceleration and the reason for that was to make it easier for noobs, or so I’ve read. I don’t know how it makes anything easy for anybody. This throws off my aim completely. Halo 2 did not have aim acceleration. This can make a HUGE impact on any FPS. Aim acceleration makes fps much more difficult especially on consoles. If you want to see the difference for yourself, get completely use to Halo 4 and Reach, then pop in Halo 3 and you will notice how awful the aiming feels…

It must be just you or something. I played nothing but Halo 4 from November all the way to March then played nothing but Reach till April and now I’m going through playing the Halo 3 campaign and multiplayer again and I noticed nothing. Maybe it’s because I’m a very adaptable gamer, I don’t know. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary for me in the least bit.

I don’t really see a problem TBH.

Yeah…um…Halo 3 for noobs? And you actually played Halo 4? I don’t know anything about aim acceleration and assist, but I do know my dead grandmother could easily get kills in Halo 4. Do not ever say Halo 3 was made to accommodate noobs again, please.

Halo 3 has aim acceleration? … no. Reach and Halo 4 have aim acceleration. When you turn in halo 3 it is constant. In Halo Reach and 4 when you turn the acceleration picks up to max if you hold down long enough.

Halo 3’s aiming is perfect and actually requires skill unlike Reach and Halo 4’s which is magnetism to the max.

Nothing about Halo 3 is for noobs. You must be thinking about Reach and halo 4. Don’t blame the game if you cannot play it well. I’ve played every Halo so yeah I don’t see any problem when switching between games. I play halo 3 on a regular basis and have no issues aiming.

Never said Halo 3 was for noobs or that the game doesn’t require skill. This is just something I noticed in the aiming compared to other console FPS, read here:

“Aim Acceleration makes it manageable for people who are new to video games. For those who are playing a FPS for the first time, aim acceleration/smoothing allows their aim to be smooth even though their actual input (thumb movements) are not so much.”

I’ve noticed Halo 3 has quite a bit of aim acceleration (I play on 5-6 sensitivity so I know what you mean), but I think the awful netcode ruins Halo 3 for a lot of us. ;_;

Halo 3? For noobs?
(shakes head) I cannot tell you how nooby armor abilities are in Reach, and how many noobs there are in Reach.
The only thing I don’t like about Halo 3 is the bad netcode. Every time I fire a rocket it glitches into a wall before exploding.

Huh. I always thought Halo 3’s aiming felt weird, and now I know what it is.