Aim Acceleration On/Off Option Please!

<mark>FIRST OF ALL</mark> <mark>AIM ACCELERATION IS NOT THE SAME AS AIM ASSIST</mark>. Aim acceleration is when looking around in a game that involves aim, (whether it be 3rd person, or 1st person (though it usually comes down to shooters))the player pushes the control stick/move the mouse to turn his/her character and the screen moves at a slow pace to begin with, then speeds up. Aim Assist is a feature lowers the sensitivity of the camera whenever the ridicule is highlighted over an enemy to make shooting him/her/it slightly easier. many people seem to mistake the former for the latter and vice versa.

Anyway, Aim acceleration, NOT AIM ASSIST, is the problem that people are warning 343 about. we want an option to turn it on/off. I dont see it as being a huge deal seeing that camera centering (something I havent seen ANYONE use) has been in the recent halo games. many players increase their sensitivity more than they probably would due to how delayed the camera feels when they aim. That’s why I am asking for 343 to add the option, maybe even a slider for aim acceleration (not aim assist, it already HAS an on/off option. turning that off makes it nearly impossible to kill in a game like halo). in a 3rd person game that doesnt require much aiming (something like an old school platformer or puzzle game) it wouldnt matter much, although many PC games in that genre still have the feature to turn it on/off, so why not for a console? why cant we have options too? (rebindable controls come to mind)

and yes, I’m aware of the many posts on this subject, I just wanted to post my opinions and to correct the many mistakes I see on the forums.

I agree with OP. I also think Aim Assist should have an on/off option as well.