Aim Acceleration, am I the only one?

First of all, I didn’t make this thread to crybaby about anything, just wanted to share my opinion and hear your opinions on the subject. Please be civil in this thread.
Second of all, I am absolutely in love with this game, so this is not a rage thread by any means.

For those of you who don’t know what aim acceleration is: when you start moving the stick, the movement is slower and accelerates faster the longer you hold it. For example: Halo 3 had a huge amount of aim acceleration. It is supposed to make aiming a little easier, but for me, all it does is make the aiming feel sluggish and imprecise. For some reason, I really can’t handle high aim acceleration at all and justaim all over the place.

Now, on to the “good” stuff. Back when the Alpha was released, I played that puppy night and day. I absolutely loved the fact that aiming was very smooth and predictable. There was almost no aim acceleration and that translated in a smooth experience. Then, when I started playing the full game, I instantly noticed that the aiming feels more sluggish then the Alpha did. In the Alpha, after a lot of practice, I became very consistent. Now I feel like I am playing against myself rather then against the enemy team. It really is a shame in my opinion, because the game played perfectly fine without it.

Do any of you notice anything like this, or is it just me that finds the game less precise then back in the Alpha? Do you guys have any tips for dealing with high aim acceleration?

Lastly, I really feel like there should be a toggle for the aim acceleration, just like there is for sensitivity. Can’t be that hard to do, can it?

Guess I am :).

I too have noticed it

No you are not the only one. The point you make is my main problem with the game as it detracts from the functionality of the overall experience. The aiming is sluggish now. The aim acceleration as you call it is more of a “dead zone” issue to me, which is the amount of stick movement it takes before the game responds. It is terrible and has nothing to do with the sensitivity setting in the control options. The controls as they stand now are a slow, sluggish, and imprecise mess.

More attention should be brought to this issue and solutions should be discussed and implemented.

I don’t have this issue when I use a wired controller.

I agree it’s horrible. For normal moving around I feel comfortable with 6 sensitivity. But when you aim down the sight, it feels much worse. There needs to be an option to turn that acceleration down or off. Or let there be an option for Aim Down Sight Sensitivity like in BF4.

connect your controller to your console… done

I couldn’t agree more. The aiming in this game is the oddest aiming of any game I’ve ever played. When moving around it feels like you’re underwater almost, then once you aim down the sights all bets are off and aiming is extremely fast, especially if you’ve raised the sensitivity to deal with how sluggish it feels otherwise.

Pretty much all of Team Beyond has noticed it too.

The combination of large dead zone and aim acceleration has been noticeable to me too. It’s not game-breaking but it’s definitely strange given that Halo 4 had very tight, responsive controls. Jumping from say Titanfall over to Halo 5, there’s this real sluggish sense of inertia in the current Spartan aiming algorithm.

It’s an issue with me, really puts me off aiming with any precision weapon. I couldn’t put my finger on why it felt so wrong, I’ve never been so bad at aiming in a Halo game before…

So that is what was feeling off when I was playing. I wonder if I can tweak the elite controller settings to mitigate this then.

I have noticed this too. it took me a while to figure out what exactly about the aiming felt funny. i have been playing around with my elite controller and the stick settings in game and in app. i have to have my sensitivity lower than i normally would have it. idk, gotta keep playing around with it

I think aiming after coming out of a melee attack is slow, thats when i notice it more, its deffo took me a while to get used to

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> So that is what was feeling off when I was playing. I wonder if I can tweak the elite controller settings to mitigate this then.

lol yeah, because we should all buy a £40 controller just to have the options that should already be in the -Yoinking!- game…

You are definitely not the only one. So far this is my only complaint with the game. Other than that, I love it. Please FIX 343!

Note: If they do not fix it, and it is fixable by tweaking the elite controller. Well then, we all know why it is in place.

I have noticed the aim assist has been toned down a lot from halo 4 and I absolutely love it. Aiming feels very good to me right now

This is exactly why I’m not consistent with my pistol. Slow slow slow holy crap whacky reticle lol. The beta was perfect and smooth from what I remember.

All of the sensitivity levels are very slow but 10 sensitivity is specifically very slow. It feels about 25% of the speed of Halo 4 on 360. Please increase the maximum turn speed significantly.

I feel the same way. I don’t think I knew what it was called though.