AI Weakspot Guide

So, I’ve noticed lately that I keep having to turn my mic on just to tell my teammates the weaknesses of bosses in WFF. So, I thought I’d make a list to help people, not just with bosses, but with all enemy’s in Halo 5: Guardians.

Most of the promeathians have exposed Hard Light, but each Promeathian has a different spot.

  • Soldier—Just shoot them in the head, and then their back will open up, exposing Hard Light. - Crawler—Just shoot them in the head. - Knight—shoot their sides, those have exposed Hard Light, and once you shoot the sides enough, their back will break open, revealing a huge Hard Light that has a huge damage multiplier. - Phaeton—Just shoot their bottoms, there is always a Hard Light ring underneath them. - Warden Eternal—Theres a bunch of small spots on warden that expose Hard Light, just shoot those until his?/Her? Back breaks up, showing a black hole-style Hard Light opening. - Watcher—Just shoot their little propeller things.(Hard Light is the super-bright orange stuff, or in mythic case, the bright blue spots)


  • Grunt—either shoot their head or their -Yoink!- tanks on their backs. - jackal—shoot the middle of their shield, then go for the head. - Elite—shoot their head, or in some cases, an exposed hunter-like back. - Hunter—Shoot their head, or for a much better damage multiplier, go for the back. If you want the damage multiplier, use a silencer, since almost immediately after you shoot their backs, they will turn around and blast you into puddles. - Grunt Mech—Shoot their shield—this will destroy it, allowing you to kill the grunt inside it. - Wraith—I haven’t tried it, but the only weakness I can think of is their engine at the back. - Ghost—Maybe try to shoot the side spike engine things, again, I haven’t tried it.
    I think I got everything, I hope it helps in Warzone/Campaign!

With the Grunt Mech, I think there’s a spot you can hit for crits on the back and nose.

I would also add that in order to drop the grunt mech canopy you really need to use plasma weapons like the plasma pistol or brute plasma rifle. Also the laser works well at dropping it, but requires you to be pretty precise.

Yep, the engine on the back of the Wraith is a game changer. Also, for knights in some cases when you shoot the exposed light on their sides off their helmet opens up for a split second. If you hit the headshot it is an instant kill.