AI teammates/enemies

I’m bringing this up again after playing halo 3 odst on legendary.
the ai was the only reason why i ever died/failed mission, and i couldn’t stand how stupid the ai acts “I’m looking at you highway and escorting mission.”

and the enemy ai has always been easy to cheese so I’m hoping in buff in enemies/teamates becoming smarter and not just bullet sponges on higher difficulties, as i personally would find that a much better experience to fight an smart enemy with moderately high damage output and shields can stay the same, also enemies should be able to dodge plasma pistol shots better.

as for team mates their intelligence should increase with higher difficulties, as of now they are just decoys marked for death.

Protect-the-NPC missions are universally despised. I have no idea why devs continue to include them.

Agreed. I would love to let NPC’s drive, while I shoot.

I agree plus bring back bots and fire fight