AI take over on multiplayer.

343 Please, Please, Please solve the issue that has pissed off players over and over again form the first Halo Wars . Make the online multiplayer capable of having a AI or CPU or whatever you want to call it take over a players army when he or she quits or looses connection. Their is nothing more annoying then getting half way through the match and a player quitting. A 2vs1 scenario is not ideal for games like this. A player getting defeated is one thing, 2v1 is supposed to happen then. But if a player quits the teammate suffers and has basically wasted the time invested in the round. The AI could even be set on easy, or normal.
Another thing, I have only played one round on the bata release, but I couldn’t “select all units” and this is a must. When your backs against the wall and you need everyone, selecting all units is key.
The original Halo Wars was epic if you ignore the crappy servers that were available at the time. Alls that you have to do is recreate that game with some updated features. The new one must have more action, more units, and better graphical Wars fans have waited a long time for this, don’t -Yoink- it up.

Select all units is holding the local units button i.e. RB

Nice idea!