AI replacement for DC teammates?

This was brought up in a few threads and I tend to agree.

I see dc’s happen ALL the time in randoms, and even here in the forums, a lot of the pro-side reasoning is “if we’re obviously not gonna win i’m not wasting my time”…

Well, that’s toxic, imo, and currently the system is basically auto-lose when you’re teammates leave the match.

To combat that this behavior, in addition to penalizing quitters, 343 should implement AI takeover of quitters *and the ability to rejoin after a DC (credited to Tecnniqe). Personally, it seems like common sense, because right now there’s virtually no way you can win with that level of handicap.

for some reason it’s erroring out trying to make a poll… so let’s try and treat this as one. less personal commentary, just Yay or Nay this sucker

A rejoin would be nice too.

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> A rejoin would be nice too.

I’ll add that to OP