AI in Forge. Who's hoping?

The Halo community have been begging for AI to be implemented into Forge for so long. If 343 have actually heard us and made it a reality somehow, the possibilities will be endless.

I can just picture some of the best forgers out there making their own Firefight maps, Warzone style maps, Zombie horde invasion maps for Infection…or…even making a series of maps and essentially creating a mini campaign of their own…good God, can you imagine that!

Who else here is praying that this feature is available when Infinite’s forge eventually drops?

With the new engine, it’s possible. We’ll have to wait and see.


Why didnt they have AI in forge before? Modders can do it so why cant 343?

Hopefully they add AI.

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> Why didnt they have AI in forge before? Modders can do it so why cant 343?

I’m guessing they were limited as to what they could do or just couldn’t get it to work perhaps.

I’m hoping it’ll be a case of dropping an AI object onto the map and then linking them to paths that you can place down for them to follow…or place zones, similar to kill zone boxes, so they can move freely around within that zone etc

I have so many map ideas! lol

If Halo Infinite has forgeable AI, it would probably become my second favorite Halo game (nothing will beat Reach for me.). It would be even better if each individual AI had some degree of customization that you could do for them. For example, you spawn a Marine, then you go to object options/settings, or maybe some new tab, and from there you can change his Armor pieces, Colors, weapons, and behaviors. You could have a bunch of different teams that you could put AI on each team and all have them fight. It would also be great if you could spawn a vehicle, then put an AI within that vehicle, that’d be great.

Has been a discussion since Halo 3, the answer is pretty much the same. I would like such feature but I doubt I would personally use such feature that much & I doubt it would be a personal make or break for buying the product.

Forgeable AI would be really cool to have

I believe the biggest reason “AI” is not in the forge is because the AI needs to be able to determine paths from point A to B. This is easy to accomplish in single player game modes, and in games where maps are not made entirely out of “props”. Coding AI to be able to differentiate that the floor made out of boxes is different than the box in the corner that it could use as cover would I imagine be a nightmare.
AI in games is not actual AI. I too would like to place AI on maps I make in forge, but there are limitations that I do not think 343 will be able to overcome even with the new engine.

> 2535419378889621;4:
> Why didnt they have AI in forge before? Modders can do it so why cant 343?

I suspect it might be due to the Xbox 360 (mainly H3/ODST/Reach/4) being unable to handle a ton of active AND scripted NPCs at once. Having NPCs who can shoot, evade, enter vehicles, etc. is one thing, having them move around and follow the player is something else. Otherwise, there would be no need for Bungie to inexplicably kill off a bunch of skipped Brutes in vehicles when you reach the Hornets/double Scarab battle on Covie (I’d personally have preferred a script to make them to dismount their vehicles, since I like “collecting” a bunch of NPCs). Enemies also get killed off when the Tsavo/Storm ending cutscenes are triggered.
In any case, having those guys around during the double Scarab battle piloting vehicles but doing nothing (having them participate in the Scarabs fight would make it overkill on harder difficulties) would probably slow down the frame rate considerably and there would likely be excessive weapon and corpse despawns (this was especially noticeable in Reach/H4, but can also occur in H3, when you’re exiting the third tower). Plus there’s also the issue of draw distance, it’s not easy for the older system to render so many objects/NPCs. Sometimes the AI stop noticing enemies and even spawn weaponless. In extreme cases, your gun model stops showing up in first person.

H3 can barely handle 25+ active piloted Hornets (not modded, merely a twist on the marine island glitch. Can be watched via file share download: Despawns most of the active Banshees as far as I can tell?

“Hope” is all we have with Infinite at this point really. Be it forgable AI, the Prometheans being fun to fight, the story not turning into more of a mess than it already is now. I’m looking forward to what they will achieve with the new engine, be it good or bad.

> 2535419378889621;4:
> Why didnt they have AI in forge before? Modders can do it so why cant 343?

Basically because AI requires a Navigation Mesh. In the hyperlink you will find an informative video on how it works with non-halo games. But basically when taking a look at the Snap map for doom it was almost cut because of navigation mesh and having a difficulty with it being able to be generated where the topography could be literally anything and yet AI will still have to path find and interact with it accordingly.

AI in forge would be pretty cool. People could make their own custom levels or just mess around like Gamecheat13. I hope that add it.

It’s a very difficult thing to implement, but it would certainly be welcome.