AI Driving

With no exaggeration, I have noticed that the AI driving seems worse with each new Halo game. It was best in Halo 2, inferior in Halo 3, and absolutely abysmal in Halo: Reach. The driving AI in Reach is so awful that I would not have let the game pass beta testing for that reason alone if I was project lead. Has anyone else noticed this? And if any of the devs are browsing the forums, what is being done to remedy this?

oh yes

Very true… Remember it in Halo 2? back when highjacking was a little challenging… those were the days :smiley:

but remember how when halo 2 was released, highjacking was a new thing, pretty impressive too… I believe on the back cover of the game there was a pic of Master Chief highjacking a Ghost (the european version anyways). Basically if this was one of their babies then it probably slowly faded away as the series progressed. then maybe they just havnt been working on updating it all that much as other gameplay aspects began to overshadow it…

But yes, i would love to see a new style of A.I driving, or at least enjoy it as much as i did in Halo 2