AI customization, food for thought

Small details count.

How did we go from Cortana, an attractive female AI in the palm of our hands to basic shaped looking AI models ?

Why are they all so basic, is it because the game hasn’t fully released yet or not, who knows, but I have to point out, the current UI menu for customizing your AI is awefully plain, it needs to be condensed into a loudout type page with the background animation of our spartan pan round more then it currently does, to focus in on the AI in the hand of our spartan with the AI rotating as we customize them, as it currently feels very, very basic.

I’ve seen small clips of the Halo Infinite campaign with other human AI models, so it’s not like this is an impossible request, reality wise or lore wise.

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It’s actually a part of the lore that due to the cortana event Spartan IV’s only get a very basic AI with mostly en environmental scan and armour management specifications then the high function independent intelligence of the former AI’s.

Cortona made the AI’s enemies of the UNSC due to her rallying them with a cure for rampancy so the UNSC decided that Spartans should only be outfitted with a basic AI that couldn’t be turned into a threat.

Now I didn’t read the books but it’s something like this, if someone can correct me feel free :wink:

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Thanks for your input but I’m up to date with the story. My point is mainly from a visual perspective that human AI would look alot cooler, interesting and more fitting than something that looks like an eraser with cartoon eyes. It would be cool if they had Jeff Steitzer, Steve Downes as AI’s with their voices or even fallen characters from the Halo universe like Avery Johnson as AI choices for some spice and a bit of nostalgia while enjoying MP