ai companion feedback

There needs to be an option to go ai free. Or have serious ai companion options.

i dont like the joking/funny/silly ai at all. Im sure some people do like it so keep it for them.

But i would prefer a serious ai that doesn’t make jokes like OMG YOU ARE A GOD WITH SNIPER!!!. I SAW THE WHOLE THING!!! etc.

Also, spartan chatter is worse now then in halo 5. Probably for the same reason You are trying to make them funny with OH SO SATISFYING! Just keep spartan chatter serious. for example, WATCH THE FRIENDLY FIRE! TAKING SHOTS FROM CINEMA! ETC.

I don’t mind the AI quotes but I think it’s fair to want some more serious ones, or certainly an option to turn it off. I personally prefer to play in silence like as we did before. You could turn off Spartan chatter in the flight by the way.

I doubt you will be able to disable the AI. That being said maybe they could make it an audio option to at least lower the volume of it. I actually enjoyed my AI thoroughly.