AI coming to forge?

The new update revealed what looked to be a jackal corpse on the ground in the arena map Truth.

Could placeable AI enemies be a thing coming to forge? I suppose this could also just be placeable corpses, but I hope it’s AI. Imagine the possibilities of creating enemy scenarios for you and your friends to fight through. This kind of feature would create an all-new type of forge-user too; someone who creates “mini-campaign levels”. [


Looked like a low poly render of a dead jackal with low res textures, I’d say they’re purely cosmetic.

It would be just like halo custom edition…

but i doubt that they will put that in…

It’s a possibility…there seems to be a flag at the top right side of the picture, maybe we can get red/blue ai team mates too

I hope it does… it would be so awesome to be able to forge your own firefight essentially.

Cool idea but probably not.

No, they are just cosmetics to help set the mood for infection maps.