AI attacks in Warzone Firefight are cheap

I wish the weapons for AI acted like this did for players. The AI ( especially Elites and Hunters) can shoot you from well beyond the weapons range, with seemingly faster fire rates with Insane accuracy and vastly increased damage compared to players.

I’ve given up on Mythic WZFF because you can die in under a second, before having any chance to respond. It’s not fun when you die so fast that skill has no impact. In Halo 6 I’d like increased difficulty to mean more intelligent, aggressive AI using improved req variants and different enemy group compositions ( like legendary is 2 elites and grunts, Mythic would be 4 elites 2 hunters, etc), not just increased damage and ridiculous range.

How you you guys feel about how the AI is balanced in WZFF, especially Mythic?

that’s halo 5 for you

Agreed. Intelligent, aggressive AI sound much tolerable than dumb, OP AI, that would not even bother making eye contact before insta’ killing you—not fun.

It’s made all the more frustrating by the respawn timer… every time an AI gets a cheap kill on you, you have to wait up to 30 seconds to get back in the action.

While yeah I would prefer smarter AI than dumb bullet sponge AI, you are complaining that mythic is to hard essentially… Well it’s mythic for a reason. I stick to heroic myself because it is more enjoyable. So no I won’t complain to much about mythic being tough. There probably are some who enjoy it. But I will add they really need to remove the long respawn timer. Your respawn time shouldn’t automatically increase. That is dumb. It should only increase if you are dying a lot. Like at three seconds to your timer each time you die or something.

This is the only time where I think the questionable Armor abilities can (and only) come into play in Halo 5; providing a saving grace in Firefight by supporting your teammates. Once again, armor abilities should be LIMITED to Firefight use only.

I once saw a mythic knight shoot 7 charged heartseeker shots in less than a second, so that it actually looked like n orange beam of death.
Incineration cannon knights are the worst offender, not charging up, no indicator what so ever and no weapon cool down. Only River of Light cannons are working properly.
After that its damage boosted Banshees.
EDIT: Oh and all this was for Heroic and legendary, I don’t want to do mythic as it’ll affect my win rate.

Mythic is crazy hard and not all that enjoyable for me (especially as a solo queue guy).

I think Heroic is balanced very well. I find it very enjoyable and it’s something I’ll come back to on occasion until Halo 6.

It is definitely tough to play against the AI that don’t deal with any of the issues needed to overcome that a player deals with. Things like reloading, overheating guns, or charging an incinerator’s shot are just too trivial and the AI cannot be concerned with these tasks. I think that in future games AI should have to deal with all of those things as well as limited grenade reserve and things like that to make them a more realistic enemy instead of something with an attached armory.

It’s weird to me…at the core of your post, I 100% agree with you and it can get pretty frustrating. On the flip side, short of playing Mythic WZFF, the game type is still relatively easy to beat.

I just played some yesterday for the first time in a really long time…in an attempt to capitalize on the double XP weekend. It reminded me why I stopped playing WZFF.

Pretty much is a fake difficulty to the game. Rather than actually make them challenging, they just pour health and damage output on them and call that a higher challenge.wouldnt be so bad if they didn’t do it for everything out there on the field.

dark souls is a perfect example of an actual A.I. With difficulty, they’re not sponges filled to constantly one hit kill you, instead they have a pattern that you have to learn to beat them, and they all have their own varying patterns. Kind of why dark souls is notorious for -Yoink!- people off with an actual difficulty curve.

we have been dealing with this for awhile (Wraith snipers,) in my opinion the worse thing is that you have to stop the enemies from destroying the forerunner core but doesnt tell you thats the objective till its spawned 50 enemies around it and all the players are on the other side of the map.

It definitely needs some balance tweaking. Hard should not equal cheap.

You gotta love the AI’s smart bullet technologies and can sometimes shoot you without even looking.

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> It’s weird to me…at the core of your post, I 100% agree with you and it can get pretty frustrating. On the flip side, short of playing Mythic WZFF, the game type is still relatively easy to beat.

This is because the AI are straight-up dumb. They just stand still and occasionally drift around aimlessly while shooting at you with pinpoint accuracy. The only difference is the damage and health of they have between difficulties.