AI art gives weapon idea: HHMAC

The Hand held MAC or H-MAC is a weapon similar to the standard UNSC railgun but using both revers engineered covenant and forerunner tech to speed up is rounds with an explosive plasma effect.

Ammo: 2 round per mag, 3 spare mags
Damage: one shot kill head shot 1 shot body shot. TTK of 0.9 (do to charge up time of 0.5)
scope: 1.6x and 5x

bonus: can one shot an overshielded spartan with a head shot, and 2 mags can take out most air vehicles.

role: sniper weapon.

You kind of just described the alread-existing M99 “Stanchion” anti-material rifle. Its described as a “mini-MAC” and uses the same tech as the railgun and MACs to accelerated a .22 caliber round to material disintegration velocities.

Avery Johnson used one to obliterate Insurrectionist leader Richard Ander on Harvest, exploding him, his two bodyguards, and the entire car they were in.

Also, gameplay wise, this is literally just the Arclight from Halo 5.

Mor or less but with a 2 shot mag instead of single shot.

make a massive ball and chain brute melee weapon that spartans swing over their heads in a :o: circle and has gravity blast charge 100% to 0% ammo