AI Annoyance?

Dunno what it is, is it just me? I actually like the idea of the AI and they were definitely charming at first, but I’m at the point where I’m getting ever-so-slightly annoyed at the hand-holding and repetitive voice lines. Take my anecdote for example:

I have Fret equipped, and I like him the most out of all the AI offered. I tend to do Quick Draws often and he always says the same damn line, “Thank god for that sidearm”, and I am hearing this multiple times during matches. Would it hurt them to add varied voice lines, so that he has a chance to say something different? I also don’t need to be told everytime my mags are low… like c’mon. Maybe it’s to remind players that these AIs have no creativity unlike their Smart AI counterparts, but seriously?!

I’ve seen several people posting about the AI backseating and being annoying through hand-holding and I have to agree, at least to some extent. Since we cannot unequip the AI as some gametypes and mechanics rely on the AI, I was thinking about implementing an option to mute the AI, or to create an AI character that works in complete silence — essentially operating as a muted AI — that we can equip. I understand that the AI is mostly to liven up the experience, give alerts, and also to help newer players into the gamespace as the Multiplayer is free and the barrier to entry is low; but something like this could be a neat quality-of-life change merely for convenience. Some thoughts:

  • A separate slider to mute the AI, or a box in the settings. Kind of like a frequency slider, rather than grouping it up with the announcer slider. - C****reate an AI that works in silence, mirroring past games where an AI was absent. This still fulfills the need for an AI to unlock supply cache doors and whatnot that we’ve seen recently. - Have varied voicelines instead of repeating the same things over and over again. - Check boxes for random chatter, power call outs and reloading (among others).So, how about it? What do you guys think?

Were we not able to mute AI already? Or did I miss something?