AGR Clan- Recruitments/Alliances!!!!

Welcome one and all,

I am AboveHaloMaster, you my call me Michael. I am the leader of this wonderful clan called the AGR. The AGR is a clan just for you. We are the type of people that love to have a good time, we are laid-back gamers that will stick up for each other, friends, allies, and fellow gamers. The members of the clan can be very competitive and crazy at times. Also we are not a large clan only around 10 (We used to have 60, but there were a few complications), but we all know each other well, and are great people to be around.

The AGR was founded by me in 2009-2010, it was born from a former clan of mine the CES, which was formed in 2007-2008. This is the kind of clan that will accept pretty much any person, but we will recommend that you have a mic to increase our fun, and that you are not a total bully to others, little kids, and clan members, etc.

I myself mostly play on the weekends because of school, but there will always usually be other clan members and leaders that are online.

Also just a word of advice to future members/allies/etc…
If you stick with us, you won’t regret it.

Here are some other details:

-add me on skype at: michaelmaster

-AGR website:

  • If you would like to join the AGR, or be an Ally, sign up here!

-Clan intro (YouTube):

-My gamertag on Xbox: Sign in to your Microsoft account

Also a little more about me (Michael):

First of all, I am a former LSC clan member who was greatly known in the clan at the time until a huge rebellion and a civil war broke loose which lasted several months(speak with me about this if you would like to know more). I am a creative person who loves to forge, do art, and digital/graphic design. My first console game was, Halo 3, I played this all the time with my family before getting Xbox-Live. Also I’m a friendly person that is very accepting and easy to get along with, I will help you or a friend, the best I can if they need help. I am also looking for any ways to advertise our clan, and to make new friends, or just to have a great time. Lastly I like to play PC strategy games like StarCraft2…


p.s. If you have any clan related questions about me or the AGR, then feel free to ask.

Good Luck, And Good Gaming! :slight_smile:

I may be interested in a alliance. Could I trouble you to answer a few questions?

Of course… you may ask me any questions, and I will get back to you when ever I can. :slight_smile:

-Ask here, or on xbox live at: