Aging in cryo sleep?

I would like to know exactly what kind of effect does the cryo sleep have? Is it so that they don’t age at all like some people say, or do they age, but slowly? In books they keep talking (when mentioning ages) about how long they have spent in cryo sleep.

I believe aging virtually stops when in cryo sleep.

Cryo sleep essentially slows the aging process down to the point where any change is negligible by reducing the body’s metabolism.

Think about it as sticking a piece of meat in the freezer rather than leave it out on the counter, it’ll stay better for much longer if it’s frozen, but it will eventually go bad in a very very long time.

The same thing can be said for cryo sleep. The aging process is essentially stopped in cryo sleep since the person is being frozen.

Well should we consider the chief as a 30-year-old man then?

Yes, chief is physically around late 20s to early 30s even though he is really 46 by halo4.

Its crazy to think about