Aggressive SBMM

Does anyone else have the impression that the SBMM is incredibly aggressive? You do well for 1-2 rounds and you get put against the biggest MLG sweat stacks the community has to offer? Not fun.

Now I can already see the “git gud” boys rolling up, but I can’t be alone with not wanting this kind of SBMM. Why can’t we just get completely randomized teams? It’s a frustrating experience to know that after having a good day the next will most likely be dreadful.

Let’s do -
Social = random skill levels thrown together
Ranked = a clear SBMM system that visibly indicates via rank on what kind of opposition you will face

This kind of system would make perfect sense in my opinion because everyone gets what they want. People who just want to kick back at the end of the day and not be torn apart go with social, hyper-competitive players can thrive in ranked.


Most players agree with you, however the MBAs at Microsoft have determined that they make more money when you aren’t satisfied by just playing. The product is free to play, not free to enjoy.


I will say that after playing extensively so far, arena matches go from 0 to 100 real quick like 1-4 games of relaxation to just matches where you can’t escape spawn sometimes. I love arena stuff though because its classic 4v4 but wow does it get a bit intense sometimes. BTB though I feel is not the same as I’ve ended up with the most random combo of players which makes it so much fun, so probably less strict SBMM. But a social playlist is very needed rn as the two modes are already burning me out

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It’s early yet so there’s players of all skill levels getting there rank still. So if you don’t want to play them as they pass through your rank id wait a few weeks to play.

I don’t feel like SBMM is aggressive more like the team I’m matched with is aggressively more stupid in the ways of playing Halo.

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Especially from a business perspective it baffles me to have this system. SBMM was for me literally the deciding factor not to buy the season pass after thinking about it all week. Mind you within 15+ years I have never purchased anything for the online component of any game.
This would have been the first battle pass I have ever purchased for a multiplayer title because I do already love Infinite. But if half my time with it will just be being stomped by people who make the game their life, then I don’t feel like investing further.

Yeah these F2P type of games form a cult like mentality with the whales. It’s sketchy af.