aggervating ban

I got banned from earning credits and I don’t know why. It’s okay if you can’t unban me but I’d like to know why I got banned so it doesn’t happen again. I got banned for about two weeks and the day after I got it back I got banned again. I didn’t do anything illegal or hack. I’m just frustrated.

sorry about creating a new forum. Im new to this.

you were either:

A. AFKing (Firefight)
B. Paired up with ppl you know and played your way through a match by stat increasing or cheating.
C. Complete a challenge, disconnect, and redo the challenge again.

> sorry about creating a new forum. Im new to this.

You mean new thread? It’s fine.

Give me a moment to check your Service Record. I’ll see if I can spot any reasons for a credit ban.

You or a guest attached to you earned 0 points in the following games. The Matchmaking servers may have detected that, assumed that you were AFKing, and gave you a credit ban.


I don’t know how close-together such matches have to be in order to trigger an AFK ban. Those were all from the same day, though.

My dad probably with 0 kills a couple times. Thanks for letting me know.

I’m just going to forward all credit ban-related discussion to this thread.

Thanks! :slight_smile: