Agent Locke GEA?

Okay here is something that has been brought up about the Master Chief, John-117, Chakas/343 Guilty Spark and Doctor Catherine Halsey… but never any other humans? Forerunner GEA… a conscious notion which sets the host on the directed path.

Well considering Agent Locke, is apparently John-117 successor… what GEAs does he possess?

Catherine Halsey

  • Perhaps has the Librarian’s? As the Librarian sought fundamental amounts of knowledge, like Catherine.

  • Or Catherine Halsey could have Yprin Yprikushma gene song? Because Yprin was the moral and political commander of the Human Empire… ironic as it was Catherine is starting to feel the effects of the morality behind the Spartan-II Program and its latter generations… as well as the political stance could have something to do with the political strife between Covenant Remnants, Humans and the Forerunner… to which would finally unite the species against the Flood. Although, Yprin GEA is inside Riser… so maybe not?


  • Most likely has somewhat of a GEA from the Iso-Didact… as there have been countless references and connections between Didacts… and himself.


  • Possessed the GEA of the Human Empire commander Forthencho… Lord Of Admirals.

Agent Locke

  • So what does Agent Locke possess? Master Builder Faber? Lifeshaper? Ur-Didact? Riser? Other?