AGAINST ALL ODDS Personal Commendation

So I’m trying to wrap up a few person commendations before the end of the year. Obviously this is one giving me an issue. Any recommendations on how to earn AGAINST ALL ODDS ( win a round of Breakout while alone and outnumbered in matchmaking)

playing and playing this is a very situational achievement

Aside from playing with a squad, playing the action sack playlist when available helps as you can get paintball and mantis breakout which both count.
Those modes are easier, IMO.

I put some help for your other breakout topic, check that out

You could always play with a team and almost throw the matches. Once there are 2 enemies left, everyone suicides except the 1 person who’s going for the commendation. Then that 1 person just has to not mess up.

But realistically, you’ll get this commendation after playing Breakout for a while. There shouldn’t be any reason to farm for it or anything.