After the update I am getting mor 3vs4 ranked matches

after the update, I am getting 3vs4 ranked matches again… Can anyone relate to this? so weird after some months this game released, this problem hasn’t been completely solved :confused:

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It’s so frustrating.

Only 8 games into placement and two of them ended up being 2v4.

Interestingly the post match stats on Waypoint showed a markedly decreased number for expected kills. I literally played a team rated 1100 and needed 15 kills in the game before - and in the next game, also vs 1100, I only needed 6 in the match where two players quit.

It’s a problem that will always exist as long as you rely on the matchmaker to find you teammates instead of picking them yourself unfortunately. That’s the only real way to address it.

The matchmaker will never beable to give you reliable teammates consistently. It’s just not possible.


where can you see those stats?

You may need to close / refresh your browser to get them to come up.

There is a graph of the last 20 games. Click on each vertical line to bring up the values in a list.

You can also get them via the Waypoint phone app - if you want to quickly check them while you are waiting for the next game to load.

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I really wish they are able to detect game crash with those who just left the game and would put a heavy penalty to those quitters


The best part is that you still lose MMR and CSR from those matches. And you can’t quit an unfair match without getting banned, even if you queued up for a 4v4 game mode. It’s like they want to drive off the remaining 10k players.

hey, thanks for sharing! :slight_smile:

Maybe not as much MMR as you thought.

I’ve only got a couple of examples - but the expected kills for a couple of games I played 2v4 were a third of what I had for similar ranked opponents that played out 4v4.

Same here. Since the update rolled out, It happens a lot in ranked that during the match, people leave the match. Dont know if they quit or if they were disconnected, kicked whatever. I was also disconnected from ranked match once after the update.

Same 4 out of my 10 qualifying matches were out of balance once in my favor, three times not. To be expected at this point.

That’s very unfortunate for you.

its a widespread issue for certain. Ive palyed mayve 15-20 games today and almost half are short players. Hard to say from that alone why but ive heard in chat others complain “this is my 4th game in a row 3v4 from the starT” and I say the same thing back.

So the other day when i had to play my 10 matches to get a rank… 4/10 games i played was only with 3 teammates. Needless to say we lost those matches and my starting rank after the 10th game was Gold 5.

343 should make it so that you only lose, say, 50%-80% CSR if you lose. And make it so that you gain lots of CSR if you clutch and win the 3v4.