After playing some FFA my complaints are only proven more

Pickuos shouldn’t be a thing. Esspically with movement options. I’m abusing the thruster pack so hard rn because there will AWLAYS be a situation where I have one and the other doesnt. Super unfair. The game is a Lil more fun now because of it but I can see this quickly getting bad.

That’s Halo. Don’t like it? Go to COD.


Pickup thrusters and grapples we’re never in halo. So no. It’s not halo

The exact same thing can be said of any weapon pick up…


Weird…because it plays and feels like Halo.


Does weapons give you movement options to juke your opponent?

Didn’t think so

Actually, they do…but I dont think you will ever be able to do it based on how well you are here in a forum.

No, it’s about playing to the strengths of your skills and inventory.