After playing every game back to back I think....

Halo 5 is the least smooth playing Halo followed closely by Halo 2. I would like to say everything in this post is purely my opinion

I didn’t try reach because I wanted to base this of the MCC ports but this is my findings

Halo CE - Halo 3 have by far the smoothest movement, they interact with the geometry well and theovemrnt feels very fluid, aiming wise Halo CE and 3 win Halo 2 feels very inconsistent to Mr but that’s just based on this port, the oringal version didn’t feel as bad when I tried the original Xbox.

Halo 4 still feels rather smooth movement wise but it ain’t hard to get caught on little bits of overhanging or sticking out geometry. Where as Halo 5 isn’t as bad for this it is less smooth moving overall, the movement feels delayed for me in a weird way like it isn’t responding to my thumb as fast as I like.

The aimming systems in Halo CE & 3 feel very accurate and track well, I feel the aiming is very tight and is very accurate to my input, Halo 2 sadly doesn’t feel that good in this port, the aim feels a bit too drofty and rather inconsistent when it comes to hit detection, Halo 4 is far to assisted but apart from that feels very nice.

Halo 5 seems to feel bad no matter what settings I change on the controller however it’-Yoink!- detection is the best of all the games in my experience. The aim is again too floaty and it feels like I’m fighting the controller all the time.

On my experience trying all the games again I would now rate them as follows from favourite to least favourite, pleas remember this is excluding things like maps, gametypes, abilities and design this is purely based on base movement and aiming systems and is purely my opinion. It is not representative of my favourite games in the series but simply just my favourite control and feel.

  • Halo 3 - Halo: CE - Halo 4 - Halo 2 - Halo 5

Maybe its the 60fps? its funny that 2 and 5 are the highest regarded MP games and those are the ones you perceive as not being fluid. Not saying you observation is not valid. Maybe its hit detection/joy stick dead zone?

Yeah I agree, the movement in Halo 5 feels often horrible. Sometimes I just stuck on a wall or a cliff.

I honest to god get stuck on every little freakin thing that sticks out. Grenades do the same thing.

This game moves fine of every map without rocks. As soon as the surface isn’t smooth the clambering messes up.