After game reports broken?

So this seems to still be happening pretty often for warzone games. When you finish the game it says it can’t retrieve the match info. So you don’t progress towards your commendations, SR rank, or REQ points. It is getting pretty annoying at this point. I just played a game where I recked people and should of had 3 - 4k towards my SR rank and 2 - 3k REQ points. But thanks to it breaking yet again on me I got nothing. Does anyone else have this issue?

I really hope that they get their servers or whatever the issue is on the back end figured out soon.

I got that on my last warzone match. I wanted to get post carnage report, but it never came up. I can’t even find it in theater mode. I wanted to make a clip of me jumping on top of a Wraith tank boss and pounding it to death/victory, but sadly I cannot do that now. Sad panda is sad.

You can use the ‘Record that’ command if you have a Kinect or check the control command for it.