After cooling down, Whats your thoughts?

> implying im cooled down

But for the sake of everyone else:

Enimies, weapons, etc.

Interesting that the medium sized enemies can have a mini guard that can catch thrown grenades and send them back.

Scattershot= mauler/shotgun
Lightrifle= dmr equivalent?

Other way round for the guns buddy.

But I am definitely stoked for this game.

Its looks much better than I thought and my expectations were high.

Haven’t cooled down yet.

I’ll keep ya posted.


After cooling down? I’m still hyped over that demo.

The covies looked awesome, I loved the part where the Elite gets vaporised.

Forerunner AIs looked sick!

Weapons were amazing!

I have no words to describe how I feel after seeing that Halo 4 footage.
It is a positive feeling, though, I assure you.




I held my hand out and screamed “WATCH OUT, CHIEF!!” when those new enemies pounced. Those things are SCARY.

Oh god, so many different 'gasms I had during that wonderful ten minutes.

Amazing graphics, amazing animation, amazing sounds and voices, amazing HUD visuals (Cortana appears on-screen), amazing Covenant enemies, amazing set pieces, amazing Forerunner weapons (vaporized an Elite!), unbelievably 'gasm-worthy scary new enemies with powerful abilites.


Speak for yourself. I’m not cooled down WOOOOOOO HALO 4 FTW YEAH it looks so awesome.