After browsing all the topics on Infinite

You ever wonder why we’re here?

I mean, this “beta”. Are we the Guinea Pigs in 343’s sandbox testing the customization and everything before day one (December 8)? Will our voice already heard be effective enough for 343 to change the progression system, the customization, and the identity of Halo Infinite?

I only have a feeling something big is coming this way and it’s a mean giant ape! Question is: What happens if they changed the BP so people can get the armor for free and those that already putted $10 towards it?

Let’s discuss the philosophy of Halo…

What if fun? Why do we want fun? What is Halo? How can we preserve Halo? Is too much change a bad thing? Will we go back to the days of 2007 or are we yearning for nostalgia because our conscious minds want to escape from the hardships of life, work, and the video game industry.


You ask too many questions. :rofl:

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“Why are we here? Just to suffer?”

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Look, releasing game 14 days early and calling it Beta is just a sleezy tactic how to test the water for their harsh monetization system. This is not a beta and we all know it, so lets stop using this as an argument. They got enough feedback about this months ago and they have chosen to ignore it. Whole this beta nonsense its just a dishonest way how to test the playerbase and if they can get away with it. If they cant, they will put out nice PR puff piece how this was just a beta and how much they care and they will rolled it back. If we let it slide, shame on us and all will stay the same…

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If I’m a 343 guinea pig now, I want to be named “Chris” :]

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