After 3 weeks Halo 4 is boring and repetitive

Campaign is great.

Multiplayer is laggy and repetitive, JIP os a stupid idea and so is instant respawn and need i say anything about the boltshot

Spartan ops for the first 3 weeks was fun, Now it’s Firefight with a lame story behind it

Bungie killed Halo and all 343 did was beat the corpse

This game has been a huge disappointment

Yeah. Tears.

Campaign was great and I still get a kick out of SOps, but mm is gross.

I agree.

Let’s see all the things that added a ton of replayability to past games…

Custom games? Broken.

1-50? Absent.

Firefight? Absent

What does Halo 4 add in its place?

Unlock system? Adds no replay value once you’ve unlocked everything.

Spartan Ops? Take an hour to beat each week at most.

Did I miss anything? Yeah I hate to say it, but this game really doesn’t offer much in terms of lasting appeal.

I really think Halo 4 has the potential to become a great game. All they need to do is focus on ADDING stuff instead of going ape–Yoink- trying to replace as much as possible.

With a regular team slayer mode I think Halo 4 would be able to compete with Halo 3. They also need to add the possibility to change the Flood’s loadouts, bring custom games back basically.

Assault, One flag, Rumble pit, Team slayer, Infection, Invasion, Stockpile, VIP, Race, Firefight and Juggernaut, where did they all go?