After 2 Weeks of Aim Assist for Mouse and Keyboard Players....this is a disaster

OK, after 2 weeks of playing on controller against MnK players with AA…

This is absolutely unbalancing in a disastrous way. I get that many MnK players are giving positive feedback but let’s take a moment to consider why.

Since the unintended update, MnK players with Snipers/Skewers cannot miss a shot. I’m talking about ridiculously extreme shots. A player mid-map in mid-jump spinning and no scoping through a small gap. Not rare feats of unbelievable accuracy…consistent and repeated wtf…over and over by the same players in the game.

I am the first person to applaud a better player beating me in a game. I always rank match results based on whether I performed up to my abilities, not whether I won or lost. With that in mind…

The current AA for MnK players is unsustainable. I can’t believe that 343 is considering keeping it because of positive response from MnK players on Reddit. How do you expect them to respond when you’ve made them all sniper heros??

Fiesta perfectly illustrates the imbalance. It’s currently unplayable because multiple MnK players will have Sniper/Skewer on the map at a time, which means you cannot move openly in the most basic way or engage in a 1v1 anymore. The only strategy that consistently nullifies the advantage of MnK players is to catch them by surprise with a weapon that can take them out before they can respond.

The stats will bear this out. I’m begging 343 to please look at the data following this change to see just how surreal the imbalance has become. I’ve never seen so many games with players finishing with such godlike stats for No Scopes, Sniper Headshot, and Perfects.


There is no aim assist in no scope sniper shots…
It’s getting more and more ridiculous on this forum.

Of course sniping and tactical are modes where mnk is superior. And guess what: it was already the case before the update.

But beeing on mnk is not giving you a CSGO pro’s aim. You just met better players than you. C’est la vie.


i guess the problem is more mk users = more people who can snipe easier.

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The safest option here should be to allow players to disable cross play for both control type and hardware type. It would end a whole load of headaches for both sides.



Using Fiesta to illustrate imbalance is laughable at best.

But honestly, like. Controller 100% competes. I don’t know where the idea that it can’t is coming from.


Just allow to turn crossplay off, it’s as simple as that.


I haven’t really noticed a difference.


Fiesta illustrates the point because there is a higher number of snipers/skewers on the map at any given time.
It has nothing to do with personal opinions about the game mode.

I am talking specifically about changes since the winter update 2 weeks ago when Aim Assist was unintentionally given to MnK players. There is a HUGE upsurge in the accuracy of these players to the point that it’s seriously impacting the game balance.


Do you understand that I’m talking about a noticeable difference in gameplay?
There have always been better players than me in matches. I don’t care about that.

This is specifically about a massive shift in apparent skill with seemingly once in a lifetime shots landing over and over and over again. Players ending games with stats that would make the highlight reels for a week if a pro were able to do it.

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Do you understand that you mentioned aim assisted no scope which is IMPOSSIBLE for mnk ?
So I found it hard to give you credit.
Blame SBMM more than everything else and stop talking about a input you don’t know.


No, don’t let people disable crossplay, this game has very low population, it already takes some minutes to find matches… Keep aim assist on mnk as it is


This is bait. The “aim-assist” on mouse is roughly a 1% slowdown during red reticle. It gives you some extra frames to click for bad reaction time, makes your mouse slightly heavier scrolling past someone, and they finally removed anti-aim which made you aim away from heads with the sniper.

There is no aim-assist or magnetism like on controller. It’s barely noticable tbh, since I still get smoked by controller players, even though I swear I’m landing all my shots before they do. Controllers have REAL aim-assist putting all bullets magnetized into the head. This update just makes mouse less jank. I rarely land headshots even after the update. I 100% promise you I still whiff even body shots with the Sniper. I played Fiesta just yesterday and missed all 4 sniper shots by mere pixels.

There is NO MAGNETISM on mouse. NONE. It slows slightly so you are less likely to zip past them, but I still nervous jerk the mouse a bit sometimes when I click, and I’ll miss even with red reticle. I’m not aim-botting jack with this update my guy. You’re baiting hard or playing legit hackers. Either that, or you encountered monster snipers that flick shots like Mint Blitz and other streamers. That’s all skill. I couldn’t do that even WITH magnetism if we had it.


According to that aim accuracy chart that has floated around, my stats went from being an average mouse player to an average controller player. I see that as a win since when I used to use controllers ALOT I had 50 rank in multiple playlists on Halo 3.

I’m still not where I used to be on controller but at least I dont feel like an anchor dragging my team down and I can have fun again (when the other issues of Infinite arent happening).

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Yeah right ,coming from someone who hasnt even used mnk once in halo infinite. Its not easy by any means to hit the shots you are referring to and you re making up accusations about the input balance instead of accepting bad personal performance.

You d love to revert mnk changes and make mnk useless like it was for o ver a year wouldnt you?

Funnily enough as a 2.3kd onyx player i still find it hard to hit consistent shots with skewer and sniper but according to you everyone else on mnk must be better than me because its so easy to do apparently.

Fiesta is litteraly the worst playlist to make conclusions about input balance. Its always chaos like who would even go in fiesta to check the balance? Try ranked instead. There is a reason all pros still say controller undeniably has the advantage. What changed is that mnk is not useless.

Yeah i am begging them to look at the data as well and im confident what they ll see is the opposite of what youre saying. Controller is still on the top of the food chain. What has changed is that mnk is not useless.

Have you ever seen mint blitz? There other great players as well. There are many ranks above gold you know. Instead of blaming it on the input balance how about you try to actually get good at the game first? How about that? There are players on controller that can consistently get the stats you are talking about but here you are blaming it on mnk being viable for once in over a year. Classic selfish example of a controller player. People like you are why the mnk community turned into a graveyard and forced 343 to make mnk not a joke.

The input balance is 100% undeniably ,objectively the best its ever been for both sides EVER in halo! This guy has no clue what hes talking about. I bet 99% of the time hes being killed by controller players and blames it on mnk.


Lol you have kb+m players accusing 343 of removing those buffs over the last week, when really they are just playing better players now and can’t hit same accuracy because people maneuver better at higher mmr.

Yea I’ve always felt m+kb have an advantage at range, so things like skewer and sniper. It doesn’t help that the only snipers easier to use in the franchise are h5 and notorious h2 snipers. Surprised you didn’t mention the easiest sniper to use - the shock rifle. That thing has wayyyyyy too much magnetism on head shots. The buffs for kb+m are probably fine overall, maybe need some tweaks.

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Funnily enough the 2 weapons i havent noticed change at all as an onyx mnk player are skewer and sniper which makes your point … wrong at best and a lie at worst

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Yet i am 100% sure that is the reason for the complain

Swat is an absolute joke because of forced crossplay

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that i can understand. Although you can still do good on controller but mnk is better for swat.

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Yeah there are some insanely good people but I tried it myself. With mnk in SWAT it’s a complete different game.

For the other modes, l think it is kinda balanced but Swat is idiotic to play with the current settings. It’s in the same ballpark as the turret turning speed on MCC from some time ago.