After 130... (suggestion)

Hey everyone, and 343,

I have a suggestion, and I don’t know if anyone else has said something along these lines, but I thought I would bring it up.

I know a few friends of mine who have hit 130 and just stopped playing the game since experience no longer counts for anything, I myself may keep going just to finish some of the challenges. Well in order to keep people interested, why don’t you at 343 industries just unlock the Spartan-IV level again and let people continue to gain levels in Spartan-IV. There would be no added bonus to any skills, and nothing to unlock, but a lot of people would continue to play since they can see that their time and effort is actually making a difference (even if it a meaningless difference).

Just a suggestion. I have loved Halo since it came out and Halo 4 was pretty good, most of it lived up to the franchise, but I am afraid to keep playing online because I am level 126 and fear I will just box up the game and forget about it.

Please just let me have meaningless levels that I can rub in the faces of my friends at how good I am. I hope to finish as many challenges as I can, and this level cap is making me not want to play.

Think about it

Add more ranks and make the Progression take longer. They goofed when they made the xp per rank so low. It took months for the first player to get to Inheritor on Reach. The first person to reach SR130 did it within the month of November if I’m not mistaken.

I don’t see why not, but, as with everything, their is probably some hyper-technical reason in the programming why they can’t do that.

Yea im 113 and it be nice if we could go pass 130 but i find myself playing Halo with my clan mates for fun and competitive rather than for my level.

You can still try to get all of the commendations… Halo has never been about rank anyway.

As soon as they release the CSR system, I don’t think there would be a need for that. People would focus on trying to get lvl 50’s in the playlists, instead of spartan rank

I would imagine that a ranking system is coming shortly, along with New specializations to follow. I can envision one such specialization for example, which allows the combining of camo and permethian vision for example.

Pretty sure some wonderful things are coming OUR way, but maybe thats wishful thinking, maybe its not. However, it does seem strange to have players progress to 130 over the 1st quarter since release, and then STOP.

For what its worth… My two cents on the topic.

Ranks serve as motivational tool for many, i for one find it hard put forth any effort since i will gain nothing at all.Well except for more deaths and kills, big woop.

The CSR is something but it isn’t in-game where it matters most.The high majority of players never even visit the forums more than once after the game had released.Since there is little incentive to.You gain nothing by using the forums that effect the game, so why would anyone care.

I could argue and complain all i want but its obvious that 343 wants to be the company that goes for child safe atmosphere.Could be -Yoink!- influence but who knows.

Though they should address the fact that the Light Rifle and the Storm Rifle still do not have weapon skins.Hopefully they will add 2 more specialization’s that can add them and cap the SR at a more satisfying number such as SR150.Not sure why but it just sounds and looks better.

I support this

I agree as well. More ranks of anything would be nice. Maybe every 10 ranks you can unlock an emblem (much sought after Phoenix (wink, wink)). Even if they don’t want to/can’t do that, just a higher number would more than please me. I’m ~123 and am pretty sure if they don’t increase the rank cap, I won’t even look at the final map other than to snag the 'cheevos…

Can always work on the ridiculous commendations.

I’d say about 60% of them are very unreasonable.

And they promote camping a lot.

How about a Halo style “prestige” system? They could unlock new armor, emblems, and weapon skins every time you hit 130.

My suggestion is to add additional SR-levels that are only obtainable by working through Commendations. I don’t like doing Commendations so this would motivate me to work through them.

With the 1-50 rankings coming out i would suggest trying to play 'till then to see if it’s worth playing for.