Advanced Force Operative is a competitive and casual multi Gaming Team. Want to join? apply or contact a Leader or lieutenant. Want to have a scrim, clan battle, or match, post on our page or message a Founder or Lieutenant and we will get back to you. Currently we are still putting together the clan trying to get all of our current members to join.

The way we do tryouts is we have a 4v4 arena match with 4 of our current clan members (from the competitive team if available and maybe some spectators from the clan) vs 4 new recruits to test skill. We dont care who wins our goal is to test your skill. We also want to get to know you, we have game nights nearly every day and when you get in we expect you to be apart of the clan’s game nights, scrims, etc…

Keep in mind, as said above, we play as a team, if you like to run off alone this is not a clan for you. ANY RANK CAN APPLY we dont care how good or bad your stats are joining is through tryout only. (we want to get to know you :slight_smile: )

LINKS and extra info :smiley:
Battlefield 4 clan: Platoons - Battlelog / Battlefield 4
Black Ops 3 Clan: msg AFO Hotel

Cinch gaming: use code “TeamAFO” For 5% off your purchase.

Check us out: []
Facebook [] []
https://instagram/AFO.Gaming [instagram]

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