AFKers Rampant in Firefight

Tons of people are still AFKing in Firefight. Some have even found special AFK spots that bypass killzones to do this. Some examples:





There is at least one AFKer in every other match I play in Firefight Arcade. This is ridiculous. They don’t seem to be getting any punishment, and still get credits for doing absolutely nothing or close to it, in addition to hurting their team. Many AFKers simply kill a dozen or so enemies and then go hide in order to fool the Banhammer. The locations need to be fixed so at the very, very least, they can be killed by enemies and be denied Perfection commendation progress for doing nothing but hiding. Add an option to boot players that have been idle for awhile and fix the AFK locations, or better yet, allow players to report AFKers directly with video clips as evidence. Please do this 343, this problem is out of hand. Please do something about these AFKers.

Trust me they’ll be dealt with eventually, admitly I did a few, Bungie swung there hammer, well finally back to my old rank nearly but if there doing it all the time then I won’t be suprised if they get credit ban, a reset.