AFK Players and reporting system

Already I have come across several people going AFK and it is ruining the game. There needs to be more systems in place to detect AFK abusers as all they have to do to get around it is tie their sticks together. Along with that, there should be a way to report such abusers to weed them out or at least have an avoid feature so they wont be in our games.

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Yea, there are more and more afk bots. Making one small movement every few seconds. It’s annoying as hell. I reported someone thorugh the ticket system but there was never a response. It’s sad to see a game without functioning reporting system.

The way the battlepass has been implemented makes it easier for afk farmers to just join a 4v4 match with a bot which moves every few second. Grind up to lvl 100 of the battlepass and sell the account to whoever is ready to pay 50$ for a lvl100 battlepass account.

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I agree with this and I’d like to add that there be more penalties for leaving games! So many teammates have bailed due to a bad start or just for random reasons, in both casual AND ranked. It’s getting sort of ridiculous. It feels as if 3/5 games has at LEAST one quitter. It’s a shame.