Afk farmers in halo reach.

Every game I play has people afk. The reason is the “match complete” xp you get at the end of the match is a good number. It degrades the gameplay when half your team or the enemy team is standing there spinning in circles.

Personally I believe this problem could be fixed by significantly lowering the “match complete” xp and boosting xp earned through killing enemies, multikills, etc.

if you have any ideas, list them below and hopefully 343 will see.

Yes it ruins the Game.
But i dont see the fault on the plsyer side, i see it on 343.
Who in their right mind puts a xp csp at 8k which you already get at 12 kills.
There is literally no reason to keep on playing the game after 12 kills when it comes to leveling. Of course the main focus should be the gameplay and fun itself be but some people just care about what rank they are. They need to remove that 8k cap asap.

I agree. I usually report these players. But womething does need to be done. I helieve there was the same issue in eas battlefront 2.