AFK? can i have an AFK anyone?

i have a problem. before you all point and laugh its a problem you all have too. its called AFK’ers. they are damn annoying and just plain ruin my game. they drop in half way through a match that my team is winning and just sit there getting killed. to me this highlights that the current ‘EXP’ system is broken at its very core. it means nothing what number is beside your spartan other than how long you have played the game. i have a friend that is much higher on the ‘spartan scale’ than i am yet i will continually batter him into submission on any game type we play.

in my opinion there should be some kind of system to determine what skill level a player is at and not how long have i played for. it has been done before so i know it is not revolutionary and will take time to implement.

any AFK’ers should have a ban instantly on their matchmaking as there is now now excuse due to drop in and drop out.

Yeah, it is so lame that you get almost as many EXP points for losing games… AFKers have been a big issue… it is like “it doesn’t matter if you do well or not, everyone is a winner - here have some xp” what is the fun in that? no incentives to do well = why even bother to do well = why even bother to play this game, might as well afk and do other things!?

The “intentional” afker’s im behind you 100% Though im sure there are lots of “mistake” afkers that walk away from the game after a match is over and the current system keeps pulling them back in game after game. Eventually the system will flag them for a ban anyway, but usually I report them after the match is over.

We need a “confirm to stay in matchmaking” after every game.

the only way they will learn is if they get a ban. im not looking for a ban for too long though. just enough to freak them out. but as i said earlier, there is no excuse due to the new drop in/out game mode…

i afk all the time, but not because i’m trolling. i’ll be gone for maybe 5-45 seconds (most of the time) depending on the scenario, then i’m back in again. it’s just because there are things i need to do “in the real world”. gaming is just gaming, real life should always be top priority. if your mom asks you to help unpack/unload the groceries, are you going to ask her to wait 10 minutes? by the time you’re done with your virtual game, you go over to help, but by then she’s already done unpacking and saw how unhelpful you were.
just last night, i was playing capture the flag. i was afking for no more than 15 seconds. right when i came back, one of the team mate killed me with a plasma grenade. no hard feelings, i just laughed and went back into it. we won 4-0. i scored 2 for my team =D

This is why we need the return of Social/Ranked playlists division. More importantly, we need two representations of rank. One for TIME spent playing Halo 4 and the other for SKILL.

In Halo 5 I’d love to see it’s return implemented like this;

Your SR rank can represent the TIME you have accomplished in both Social/Ranked playlists and would allow you to rack up SR points to unlock weapons and armor.

If you play in Social playlists. you will still get XP for playing. But LESS than you would if you were playing in the Ranked playlists. For putting maximum time in Social playlists, you can get a new stance or some armor.

Your time in Ranked playlists would show a visual indicator of how well you perform in a competitive environment. IT can be a simple 1-50 system. I don’t like visual indicators of skill such as the 1-50 system (mostly because it promotes boosters) but it would keep the competitive happy. These players would be awarded with bonus XP for winning (and a hefty bonus, not a marginal one like in H4) and if you lose you get a small XP reduction. This promotes players to perform their best and strive for WINS, instead of boosting TIME spent in the game. ALSO for ranking up to certain ranks (35 and above) players would get exclusive armors. This would add some incentive to playing in Ranked playlists.

These changes will do multiple things.

Players who want to chill and relax and just play for fun can play in Social playlists. Boosters will also have more incentive to go to social playlists since they will earn a decent amount of XP no matter the outcome of the game. I know, this may ruin the experience for causal players. But if they’re boosting and ruining you’re game experience, return the favor! Betray him your Respawn Timer hits 30 minutes!

On the competitive side, this will keep players happy because there will be less boosters, and the competitve players will not have to worry about players who are playing for fun ruining their games.

I loved Action Sack in both Halo 3 and Reach. I did not get much in return for playing it in Halo 3 but in Reach I was able to rank up because of games spent in Action Sack. And let’s be honest… time spent in Action Sack should not indicate what type of rank you are.

I vastly prefer AFK players over team killers/griefers and awful teammates (the kind that pack all the punch of an AFK player, but can move towards the enemy).

Why wait for halo 5 to implement a skill and progression system? They can do it on halo 4, might take them a year but I am sure they can do it.

Just so you guys know, a true ranking system has been confirmed to be coming to Halo 4 in the new year. Link for proof.

Don you just said everything I was thinking!

Well since the ranking system takes no skill to advance I can somewhat understand why people would do this. The game is designed so that little kids can do 2-25 and still rank up so they don’t put the game down. They should bring back the Halo 3 skill rankings.

They should add an auto-kick for AFKers. To stop the cheaters putting a book on the thumbstick to simulate movement it should check to see if it is moving the same direction all the time.

No points in 10 minutes (even an assist will give points after all) the person should be kicked out the server and made to wait a further 10 minutes to stop them joining another server to go AFK in.


I don’t understand why they try to game the system. Why not just play the game. You get loads of points even if you do crap. Is this kids who are having to do their homework yet still want to be getting progress?