AFC (Away From Controller) Youtube Series

Hey everyone I wanted to share with you information on a new web series that is on my youtube channel. The series is called AFC as you can tell by the title of this thread and what goes on in the series is I and a few others talk about random topics while giving you gameplay to watch as you listening to us be stupid lol.

Today was the release date for the first episode AFC: Ep 1 - Favorite Superhero and we wanted to share it with you since the topic is a great choice and you will be seeing some Halo multiplayer.

We do have questions in the video description so you can share your input on the topic if you wish to. Well that pretty much wraps it up :slight_smile: Please feel free to comment, like, and subscribe. Your support is highly appreciated and when you subscribe you are the first to get to see the new content as it is released and there is more content coming to this channel like Halo 4 walkthrough, lets plays, & forge.

Enjoy :slight_smile:

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