Aesthetics let downs

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If only they didn’t listen to the horrible post beta feedback.

  1. Green outlines around guns? Really?
  2. Look at what they did to Eden after the beta. Eden used to have an amazing realistic night time atmosphere and now it’s been turned into a fake purply cartoon.
  3. The BR LCD screen in the beta used to look real like an actual LCD screen. It was red and orange and black. NOW the BR LCD screen is a childish cartoony yellow that simply looks fake compared to the beta version
    A. For all those babies that wanna chime in and say “Waaaah wahhhh the green outlines are because the maps were too dark and you couldn’t see the weapons” well guess what… The maps have been brightened up now haven’t they, turned into cartoons for you, So now there is no darkness.
    So WHY the green outlines?
    B. For those babies that say “Wahhh wahhhh the green outlines make sense because a spartan 500years future should have a visor mode for this” IDGAF what you think a spartan should or shouldn’t have In the future! I CARE about the quality of the game play. The michanics, the Competetive skill gap. Not what you think fits halo lore!
    Just because something fits lore doesn’t mean it deserves to be in the game play.
    Promethien vision fits lore too doesn’t it and look how that turned out!. EXACTLY!
    343 should not be ruining portions of the multiplayer to simply fit lore. The maps are brightened now making everything including weapons easy to see!
    If you want all this un nessesary lore in the game. Save it for Warzone. Keep it out of classic halo modes.
    Spartan abilities etc are ok. They don’t break the game. However green outlines around guns do. They ruin the skill gap. It’s too easy! There’s is a little but of skill required to have the ability to be in a gun fight and be aware of ur surroundings, to know there’s a weapon on the floor near you, to know what all weapons look like and their shapes even from a distance. I don’t like being told what the weapon is or where it is by a green outline making it far too easy…
    Especially when u consider that the maps have been brightened up now making everything on the map easy to see.
    And ESPECIALLY when you consider that 99% of the maps are sunny day time maps. Green outlines is TOTALLY un nessesary and cannot be justified by ANYONE.
    PLACED weapons DO NOT NEED green outlines. YOU SHOULD MEMORISE where the weapons spawn. That’s what halo is all about for -Yoink- sake !!!
    DROPPED weapons that were apparently too hard to see are now easy to see due to the light being cranked up faked up and cartooned up.
    So HOW can u justify green outlines when 99% of maps are day time and the 1% that aren’t have been brightened up and ruined?
    What’s the need for green outlines?
    Is it to make the game look more cartoony is it?
    Was the beta too real and scary for ya was it?!
    Pfft! Kids!
    Green outlines cannot be justified now that the dark maps have been ruined, lost their atmosphere and realism and brightened up and turned into fake cartoons where everything and every element is now super easy to see. Including weapons.
    PS. I am fearful that the Hydra might be too OP.

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