Aesthetic mechanics that we need to compromise on

There has been a lot of talk about the amount of subjective things in Halo 5, which is something I do not like about the beta because we should be complaining about the Objective differences and out-of-place mechanics in the beta they have put, like how Smart-Scope is LITERALLY just ADS with a fancy name or how TTK is essentially the “Root of all evil” in Halo 5. But that is for a different thread, and not this one. Personally, without some of these mechanics all Halo 5 will feel like is a polished Halo 3/2, and that wouldn’t be a good idea because I personally believe change is a good thing, so long as it is subtle and doesn’t break core mechanics and ideas. Otherwise, Halo will just grow stale. In other words, we need to compromise on these ideas so long that neither fanbase (the 343 Loyalists and the Bungie Loyalists) will feel too left out. So let’s start off with some of the ideas and problems that I will address as of right now. TL;DR is at the bottom of the post for those who would rather not read a wall of text.

Spartan Call-outs
One problem I can see this having is for people not wanting to hear the same dialogue over and over again, or that some voices just sound painful to the ears. Otherwise it really doesn’t affect core mechanics at all, but below I am going to list changes that really should be made.

  • Cut most of the dialogue and reserve it for when teammates pick up power weapons; Honestly, I REALLY don’t care if you picked up the DMR, and I especially don’t care if you picked up the SMG. What I do care about, is if you picked up the Sword that I dropped after I die, so that I don’t have to run all the way across the map only to find my teammate running around with it. Its nice because it makes it accessible with teammates who don’t have mics, and so you can find out whether your team picked up a weapon when someone died so that you don’t have to go to the trouble of trying to figure out if somebody has it, or if it just despawned. Also, I’m sick of hearing the lines, “QUIT THE GRENADE SPAM” and “WATCH YOUR SHOT” when there’s no friendly-fire at all. Make it seem like they have an actual helmet on, and have their voices beam over a comms channel so that the Spartans can hear each other across the map, rather than only when they’re two feet from each other.- Make it so that you can change your spartan’s voice; honestly, I’m pretty bored with the whole, “One generic white-guy, and one generic white-chick” voice system. I think you should be able to choose between a multitude of voice actors, like firefight voices in Halo: Reach. Make things like, 3 different Caucasian voices, 2 different African American voices and one Heavy toned African Voice. Make a couple of Asian American sounding voices (Not anywhere NEAR a Rob Schneider Stereotype). Then add 1 or 2 Russian voices. The Female voice system should follow the same route.- Have an option to turn off the Call-out system completely; I feel people when they say it makes Halo, “Less Halo”. Therefore, instead of pandering to just one audience, it can be a bridge between audiences. Even if I find the complaint to be a little whiny, who am I to take away the freedoms of those who don’t want it?
    The Announcer
    Obviously the announcer does sound a little cheesy sometimes. Like, he sounds like he’s trying to hit on you over some medals. Again, I think this complaint is silly, but that’s just an opinion. One way we can make it better for people who hate his voice is to make it so that he talks over less medals and only certain ones instead of 70% of them.

This has been something that I definitely can agree on, is that there are WAY too many medals and that you get rewarded for the simplest things; Here is how it can be helped.

  • Take out the regular, “Kill” medal- Remove all “Power Weapon Kill” medals- Have the Airsassination medal just be an Assassination- Combine Grenade Kill and plasma grenade kill as one.- Remove Headcase medal- Replace revenge medal with retribution medal, revenges happen too often.- Keep the Hat trick medal, ONLY in AR and SMG start games- Guardian Angel is a cool medal, but should just be combined with protector- Stuck should be its own medal, so if you get one, you only get a Stuck medal and not a grenade killThere are plenty of other medals that could be removed/edited/added, but I will just stick with that short list to make the thread shorter.

The Victory Posing Animations
Many people are complaining over how the Spartan IVs act like college frat boys on their victory screen; They don’t often get that they are Spartan IVs, volunteer humans that weren’t kidnapped and indoctrinated as children, and are basically just ODSTs in high tech armor, people with personalities, and not Spartan IIs who are their polar opposites with no intentions other to Kill, to Serve, and to repress their emotions. When talking to someone on the forums, they said they understood that concept, but just didn’t want their Spartan having THAT personality. So here are some ideas that could help:

  • Allow people to change their end game stance. Some people like the whole “Cocky Spartan” gestures and others despise it. So maybe we could have other animations to use than those. For the people who want their Spartans to be REAL soldiers, give them poses like a thumbs up, a salute, a bow, etc. And for those who feel funny or cocky, have the gestures in the beta and more.- Allow there to be an option for people who don’t like the scene to not have it show up at all, so when the game ends, the only thing that comes up is the Score Board. I think the Victory Posing is a fun new mechanic for Halo 5, but that doesn’t mean everyone will like it. GIVE PEOPLE THEIR FREEDOMS.
    Smart Scope, or ADS

I personally don’t believe that it belongs in the Halo franchise, and it just conflicts with the canon of the story. Not only that, but there are actual game breaking mechanics the ability has, but this thread is about compromising on cosmetic subjects and not on Objective ideas. Personally, I couldn’t care less if it stayed or went, but if I had the choice, I would want my Uplink Scope back. So if that were the case, I think people should have the option to choose between the Uplink Scope (The Zoom in animation of ALL FPS Halo’s before 5) or the Smart Scope (Halo 5’s Zoom in animation).


  • Spartan Call-outs: Remove most of the dialogue, save for when teammates pick up power weapons, Have the ability to pick different voices, Have the option to turn it off in an Options Screen.- The Announcer: Make him voice in less medals- Medals: Refer to the actual topic, but in short, GET RID OF GENERIC KILL MEDALS, AND POWER WEAPON KILL MEDALS- Victory Posing Animations: Give people an option to choose their Victory stances from humble to cocky, and give people that don’t like the idea at all an option not to see it when the game ends in the options screen.- Smart Scope: Give people the choice between Smart Scope animation, and the Uplink Scope animation in the options screen.