Aereus Prime Clan: Now Recruiting!

Hello! We are Aereus Prime, a company that is motivated toward providing our members a better experience. We are determined to work toward achieving the Achilles Armor set. We believe that if you do not have too many rules and requirements, we can get more people in to grind for Achilles. We all help one another, therefore enhancing our gameplay, and making us a great Spartan Company, and in this way we are all leaders. We have fireteams put together every Saturday (EST), so we can work together and get to know one another. To get into this company, there are only a few requirements, so as long as you play, you should be good.

-You must send a custom message. We don’t need the default one, as it tells us nothing about you as a person and as a Spartan.
-Please be active for at least 2 hours per week. If you are on vacation, or anything else that prohibits you from playing, just message me. (EagleCohort)

Important Dates:
10/24/16: Founded

Our Achilles Regulations:
-Stay Active in Halo 5. If you’ll be gone for a while, please let an officer know.
-Stay Active on our private forums. This one tends to get overlooked, but remember, communication is key, so raise your voice.
-Try to rank up in Arena.


Still looking for members to join our Company! Need to start somewhere!


Still looking!