Advice on Using the Phaeton during WZ Turbo

This is the last commendation for me to obtain among the vehicles. I find I get nuked out of the sky way too often for the amount of kills that I get with the Phaeton. Any tips/advice to maintain longevity? Thx.

The solution is don’t use it in WZ Turbo. Use it in regular Warzone where there’s far less of a chance absolutely EVERYBODY is going to want to use their REQs to shoot you out the sky.

Outside of that, the best maps to use it on are Stormbreak and Darkstar. But that’s only if you’re squad has control of the fortress. You can use the fortress to protect yourself by hiding behind it and generally being far enough away to see missiles and rockets coming your way.

In turbo everyone’s gonna be calling in their best stuff immediately as soon as the game starts. Might want to wait a little bit before calling it in, seeing who gets what bases. If your team gets two bases, you’ll have a lot safer time with map positioning, etc. Also, depending on the flow of the game, if your team is winning/controlling the map, some of the enemy may not want to call in their best stuff, maybe feeling that they don’t want to waste stuff in a losing effort.

You can always try to play more defensively, stay on your side of the map. Get the easy kills, and not chase after someone you didn’t finish off.

Lazers/rockets/rail guns/plasma pistols etc. can cripple you, try to always be scanning for Spartans on foot trying to move into position.

Try not to waste your boost needlessly. If u use it for basic traveling, u might not have it when some real danger is about to hit u.

use wheelman to last longer

If your team has triple capped the opponent on darkstar, pull a phaeton and park yourself above the enemy base. Proceed to destroy all who venture out with them having no angle at you. This is for turbo specifically.

Yeh I’d avoid Turbo if you want easy Phaeton kills, stick to normal Warzone. The problem is it’s too easy to take down with the high amount of weapons stockpiled. I’ve been known to annoy teams by just spawn killing tanks/banshee’s, etc…the spawn system for vehicles doesn’t help since makes it too easy to get those kills too.

Also I believe Warzone Turbo isn’t returning till last weekend of this month.

I got quite a bit of kills in WZ Turbo with the phaeton to finish out the commendation. You have to play super careful which can be difficult to do if your team isn’t playing to well. If the commendation is what you are after I recommend looking up videos about the free phaeton on Apex 7. If you are fast enough you can beat one of the bosses to a phaeton that spawns on the map which helps preserve your REQs.

Took me a while to get this one as well… WZ Turbo is def the best game to play for this commendation. Apex 7, Stormbreak, and Darkstar are the maps I’d recommend bringing out a Phaeton as quick as possible on. Use buildings and mountainside to hide behind and keep your eyes open for Spartan Lazars, Binary Rifles and Rockets. Be sure to equip wheelman so if you get hit by a plasma pistol you can recover quicker.

My favorite map out of the 3 is Darkstar Station. Especially if you are using a Phaeton Helios. Just hover over the Garage and focus on players on foot coming from the Armory. If any Arial vehicles are pulled out by the opposing team you can take them out pretty quick with the Helios as well.