Advice on How to Do Well Solo

I am currently a 1st-year medical student. Because of my schedule, I end up logging on at strange hours most of the time and I usually have to play alone because my friends are all asleep. Now I don’t think I’m a bad player; my K/D in Halo 4 team slayer was 1.959, which I think is a decent K/D. But the thing is, I always played with friends back then so I had reliable teammates. Now when I play solo, I get matched up with people who I can’t count on for even one second. So my question is: how do I perform well when placed in a team that lacks coordination and faced with a team that runs like clockwork? What advice can successful lone wolves give me to do well consistently even in games where the odds are stacked against me?

My overall technical skill is pretty good (I think) just based on how I handle 1-on-1 (and sometimes 1-on-2) encounters. I can usually come out on top when squaring off against just one person, but 99% of the time I engage someone, at least 2 of his teammates are there to back him up while my teammates are off doing whatever. It absolutely frazzles me when my teammates are mindlessly charging, running around the center of the map, leaving power weapons for the enemy to pick up, etc. So I’m looking for tactical advice here. Thanks in advance. Unless you post something like “just get better.” Then you can go -Yoink- yourself.

I’ve seen scenarios in Strongholds on Regret where both my team and the entire enemy team completely ignore the rocket launcher for the entirety of the beginning of the game, leaving me to grab it after I’m done capturing our own base. I can deal with that though.
What I can’t deal with is when I see teammates trying to dropshot.

Don’t run off and do your own thing which is very tempting when you have bad team mates. Follow them and help them stay alive and team shoot. They will still do the’re own thing but at least you sticking with them is a little team work.

This is a constant struggle in another popular game these days - League of Legends.

The best advice there carries over pretty well to this game, thankfully.

#1 - You absolutely need to have a headset to communicate with your team. Even if they aren’t talking back, chances are they can still hear you.

#2 - Never, ever, under any circumstance, should you rage at or even criticize a teammate. More often than not, they’ll leave, troll, or just get frustrated and suck more.

#3 - Instead, try to coordinate the team with constructive strategy and call-outs. Decision-making is more important than individual skill, and the players that make the correct decisions more often will win the game more often as well. Even if your team lacks the coordination to pull off strategies well, if you’re calling out a good decision, players can typically recognize that what you’re saying is a good idea and will follow along most of the time (especially if no one else is trying to coordinate the team and contradicting you).

#4 - Try to perform well. This is probably obvious, but it carries more importance when tied into the 3 above points, as people are more inclined to listen to the guy who is carrying the team than the guy who is 2-10 at the bottom of the scoreboard.

#5 - No matter what the outcome of the game, win or lose, you will have made some mistakes. Do everything you can to recognize those mistakes as you make them and consciously decide to avoid making the same mistake again. This is made easier if you are able to record and rewatch your games.

#6 - Always carry the attitude that if you lost, it was your fault. I don’t care if you went 25-0 and everyone else on the team went 0-17, it was your fault. This mentality will help you identify the mistakes you made rather than focusing on the mistakes of others. Ultimately, you’ll only play 1 or 2 games with those guys, maximum, but YOU will be in every single game that you play - noticing their mistakes won’t help you at all, but noticing your own will improve your play.

  1. If it’s a 1v1 scenario, there is actually quite a lot you can do to get the upper hand. Practice crouching and jumping and moving different directions while shooting. Try to avoid using the thruster pack while in a battle unless you are trying to get away. or jumping up and thruster packing over their head so they don’t know where you are and since they have stayed relatively stationary, you can get the upper hand…

  2. In a 1v2 scenario, I try to start the battle by popping out of cover, throwing a grenade at them, and hopefully take out one of them with a headshot, and thruster pack back to cover and try to use the first tip on the remaining enemy. I approach my battles very strategically rather than just running in and it can really pay off after a while.

  3. Use your abilities wisely. If two enemies are below you and you are above them, a well placed ground pound can take both of them out. And jumping and thruster packing over a pursuing enemy could possibly get you an assassination.

  4. Add me on Xbox, my mic is broken but I generally try to be a team player, and am also getting frustrated at how bad my teammates generally are XD. My gt is Beibok.

Bufff… hard. Camping or keeping together with your teammates… Randoms like me and you OP have a dark future in H5

I found that when playing alone frag grenades are your best friend! Study the maps and memorize the frag grenade spawns. Also don’t waste your grenades trying to get Hail Marys. I found that the best way to survive a 1 v 2 in halo 5 is to pop a grenade at your feet on their approach. The one bounce grenade is crucial. Really practice getting that grenade to explode where and when you want it to. Always have a frag grenade. Also halo 5 is all about mobility, make sure you always have a escape route when the situation gets unfair. Shot and cover then shot again, don’t run away… But the old days of standing in the open and br battling are dead. O and make sure to take advantage when you can. Even if your teammates suck… Odds are they got a few shots in before they died. Enemy’s always getting team shots on you coming from different angles when your team is putting no pressure at all is prob the hardest to counter. Sometimes only option is just to crouch and get the jump when an enemy runs by. Noticed that halo 5 is the hardest halo to go it alone but hope this helps good luck. If you need a teammate hit me up.