Advice for getting Verdant visor.

I will be straight up. I absolutely suck at driving vehicles in Halo. I want the Verdant visor really bad though, so i’m going to suck it up and get to the splatter mastery. I am in need of some advice though, to make this as smooth and easy as possible. So I have a few questions:

What is the best map and gametype to do this on?
If you have the Verdant visor, how long did it take you to get it?
How many splatters do you need to get to master?
Preferred vehicle? (I’m going to guess Ghost, but I want to be sure.)

Thanks for all of the answers! Any other advice would be greatly appreciated!

Don’t have but close. Here’s your tips.

Map: Longbow or Exile

Gametype: Dominion

Vechiles: Ghost Warthog Wraith

Amount of splatters: Around 160

Best way is to be in a gamemode that it helps your team to have splatters.

I recommend using the Ghost. Easier to splatter than any other vehichle. It is also a common vehicle.

Enter Big team battle and attack the opposing base with a mix of shooting and splattering.
Shoot too so that you don’t get overrun, survive, and splatter when you have an opening.

Most Big team battle maps have Ghosts, and it will be beneficial for your team for someone to be reaking havok with it.

Good luck. :slight_smile:

Any gametype and/or map with vehicles on it. Dominion and Big Team.

Ghosts will probably give you the best chance of a splatter. Hogs are usually pretty good too, but most people hear them coming and watch for them. If you can circle around so you can come at the enemy team from the back that’s probably the best way. I’ve picked up a Proficient in Splatter already by using that set of basic advice.

> Don’t have but close. Here’s your tips.
> Map: Longbow or Exile
> Gametype: Dominion
> Vechiles: Ghost Warthog Wraith
> Amount of splatters: Around 160

Really? It’s only 160 splatters to get splatter mastery? (Asked in all seriousness)

That’s what i heard and what Greenskull said.

I’ve almost got it. Most of my kills towards it come from using the Ghost in Dominion. Mostly on Longbow.

To be completely honest, it’s easier to get splatters in an objective gametype, such as, CTF or KoTH. Normal players are less focused on the Ghost pummeling towards them at 90 miles an hour when their flag is gone or they are going for the hill.

An objective game would be advised.

People are too busy with their objective to be looking both ways before they cross the battlefield.

it was frustrating, but i finally got it 2 days ago. ghost is the most convenient, but the banshee and wraith are nice/safer too. i got quite a few splatters with the jeeps and 4 wheelers.

Go into either BTB or CTF with some friends. Give them the heads up about the Splatter thing.

Then learn. If you are a fan of Halo you are going to need to learn to drive in Halo. Learn to dodge attackers. Learn to keep a vehicle alive. Learn to splatter early jumpers, late jumpers, jetpackers. All of this can be done.

The only thing 343i to make vehicles wimpy was let anyone spawn with a Plasma Pistol. It is annoying, since there isn’t much you can do as a driver, but you’ll have to cope.

It takes a while, a long while, to get the Splatter Master if you play normally. Put that time working towards it to good use and REALLY learn to work the vehicles. Now is the best time, players are still relatively new to Halo 4 and making plenty of mistakes.

Err, I got Splatter Master from playing normally, then again - dedicated Vehicle driver.

Ghost is definitely the way to go, and wraiths can also be really good for splatters as players will run towards you to try and board you. If you’re quick enough, you can whack em with the boost and because of their size they’re pretty hard to dodge. Good luck and keep at it you’ll get it eventually

i think it’s over rated as hell


there’s plenty of visors out there to get so i dpn’t see why this has to be the in thing, if anything sunspot seems like a much better thing to work towards and show off how awesome you are…

I got mine in the BTB playlist. I would always run for the ghost and if it is at the start of the match I would hang back a bit and let things get a little more chaotic out on the field so when I do move out several people should be distracted. That being said , most players are not fooled that easily and will hop over your incoming ghost with ease. If you can fake a boost and make them jump and then boost into them as they hit the ground again , it’s an easy splatter.

oh honesty. here’s how you do it.

play dominion.
always vote for longbow or exile(preferably exile)

when you spawn run to C and get the wraith.

Splatter like there’s no tomorrow.
use ghosts too.

but if you’re looking for a gametype, do dominion.

OP; Please do not snatch a hog to get splatters. So many times have I seen people driving off alone, only to get demolished by an organized enemy team. (Thereby robbing his team of a warthog)
If you really care about the green visor, please use the ghost only.

I believe its 165 splatters to get mastery

The ghost would be a good choice, but it’s a rather weak vehicle and will easily be taken out by a DMR team shot. I reccommend flying low in a Banshee. It’s not much stronger, but it’s faster, can perform acrobatics to dodge fire, and has more reliable gun fire to get rid of tricky spartans, aswell as wider because of the wings.

play BTB, and i found Exile really easy for splatters.
I got verdant the day after the games release.