I know how Halo 3 was so successful. He he, I know as do many others. Yes, one reason was because it was an excellent game with goal, rewards and tons of fun. But another reason was Advertisement. Bungie advertised the Yoink! out of Halo 3. That is the second most important reason it was so successful. It was advertised like a movie. See land fall. It needs to be advertised like is call of duty. The only reason they ad up so much is because no one cares about the next cod. People care about Halo though. So just ad the crap out of H4 like Bungie with H3. And you guys are under the second richest company in the world so I expect, respectively, at least 30 different ads. Ads pull people in and the games finishes them off. But dont make the ad campaign funds interfere with the actual game. These are the Keyes to being successful.