Advent Halo Recruiting (w/ video)

Hey guys! Are you interested in going a gaming community? Especially with Halo 4 coming out in about 2 months! Then your in the right place. Advent Halo is a community with our own website (And domain name). We’re starting a youtube channel, we have gamenights, as well as clan battles and other fun stuff too! It’s a great group of people who like having someone to play with, as well as disscussing halo 4 together! It’s super easy to join too, you just have to be 15 or older and register on the website. But to make it even easier I have a video for you guys, it shows you the website as well as some gamenight footage.

Advent Halo Recruitment Video!
Clan website
If you guys got any questions just comment below and I’ll reply as soon as possible.

Also we have alot more activity since the screen was recorded

We’re cool people, everyone should join haha :stuck_out_tongue:


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