Advanced Tutorial Mission broken?

The mission ran fine up until I was given different types of units to counter the enemy. When the game gave me scorpion tanks to counter the enemy marines all of the units froze up and could not be moved. Commands could be issued and the camera moved but the units wouldn’t move. Also, they sort of vibrated as if a command was issued and then immediately cancelled. The enemy marines looked as if they were trying to move, their legs start to move but they just don’t move. I restarted the mission and it happened again at the same point.

I had no problems.
Have you tried to restart your console by either shut down the console and unplug/ replug it or by clicking ¨restart¨ on the guide menu?
With this way your console will delete the cache. Most of the time my game bugs are gone after this.

I backed out to the main menu to try the mission again and it just worked perfectly fine so I’m not really sure what was going on there.