Advanced Sensors not applying in Warzone

I have noticed that after I purchase advanced sensors in warzone, many times it will not be applied. Some games it works flawlessly and don’t have to worry about it at all, but many games it does not get applied correctly and then will not work the rest of the match.

1). Reached Req level 5
2). Run to req station during gameplay (not during death)
3). Purchase Advanced sensors armor mod
4). return to game.
5). Zoom in with a Longshot BR or projection SMG - noticed it hasn’t been working with these the most
6). Mini-map disappears when scoped or smart-linked, when it should stay visible with the advanced sensors armor mod
7). Unzoom and the mini-map reappears.
8). Return to req station and confirm that the armor mod is selected/applied

I have attempted to switch armor mods and then go back, applying mod on death, and using other - non-scoped guns, but non have fixed the issue.