advanced promotional req pack Problem

I reedeem the code and it doesn’t appear in my mypacks

Have you tried doing a hard reset of your console? Packs usually show up after that, alternatively they can be found in the REQ section here on Waypoint:

There are some promotional packs that can only be redeemed once, I’ve had that in the past. Might be that you have already redeemed a pack like this before so it won’t give you another on.

I have the same problem the only things I can think of is try changing the region of your Xbox to a few different countries and see if it’s region locked or it’s because you might have a different advanced promotional request pack that you opened before and that might have made it so you can’t open a different one. If they don’t work then get in contact with eBay and they might get you a refund as it might be a scam code which is linked to there account so no one can access it.

When I spoke to Microsoft support they said it might be because of the service alert on Xbox live at the moment but I doubt that’s the problem. Also if your console sharing see if the other person has the pack and can get the items.

Please help it show up no were