ADS movement

is it me or when you are using ads with a dmc or battle rifle etc when you are zoomed in the controls are very sluggish?.ive been using different control setting to find out which suits me best but it seems that when you are zoomed in it has a default speed.if there is a way of changing that can someone tell me but if there is not 343 should look into it as turning whist scoped is sooooo slow you just get killed and it gets so annoying when you cannot do anything about it?.

Yeah, I thought that too. ADS slows the tide of the battle. I felt the Halo 4 control scheme looks good for me but clicking right stick doesn’t work well like previous Halo. I didn’t like it so I tend not to use ADS or zooming. Before playing Halo 5 beta, I thought ADS could be fun but it wasn’t actually. Answering your question, I think you can’t change the sensitivity or the speed of aiming down sights at this point.

There’s no movement penalty to using the scope…

But yes. If your asking about the angular velocity of turning while zoomed, yes it is slower… It’s always been that way. That what makes it easier to hit targets who are at longer distances, but makes scoping on closer targets more risky.