Admit it....

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1 month after Halo 4 comes out, you’ll miss Reach.

I’m going to keep this thread for future reference. You’ll all be saying you love Reach by the time I show this to everyone 2 months from now.


That’s not funny.

Sorry what?

I never miss Halo games when I’m done with them.

Sure, I may go back to them occasionally for fun. But I never MISS them.

> No.


> > No.
> YES.



Ill miss invasion and elites sure, but not the game itself (Love reach btw)

Only if you never played Halo 2 or 3.

Im going to say one thing to you
I play more Halo 3 than Reach,so imagine when halo 4 came out
Yeah,maybe i play it a few times,but NEVER and i repeat NEVER,will miss Halo Reach

I wouldn’t be able to miss something that I completely erased from memory.

I doubt it.

How dare you!

Looks like you guys can’t admit it.

I’ll miss the pro pipe. That’s about it.


I can not admit, something that will not happen.

In a month from then I will be playing Spartan ops and War games!

I think not?..

Why you Trolling OP?

> Looks like you guys can’t admit it.

Every good thing of reach is going to be in Halo ,except invasion and firefight,but is going to be Sops and Flood Mode
The best thing is that in halo 4 is not going to be that crappy vehicle sistem,the stupid Rank system,the -Yoink- Vote system(I hope),the stupids 7594659285206 Forge maps…