Adjust Onyx Max

The Onyx Max commendations should be adjusted for many types. For example 8,000 assassinations for Onyx max in MM? Some of the commendations are just way to high for someone to get legit in a reasonable about of time. For some of us that are completion-ist that also like to get things legit, some of the commendations only encourage boosting. Although not all are bad, there are too many commendations across Firefright, campaign, and MM that are just unreasonable to do legit.

Not to mention all commendations add up to only around 3 mil credits, which is nothing. I’m not trying to suggest making them easy, just some are far too high to get in a reasonable amount of time.

Other examples:

20,000 assists for Onyx Max in MM
20,000 passenger kills in MM
14,000 enemy vehicle kills in MM
8,000 rounds without dying in Firefight

And there are many more.

I know someone who maxed assassinations in a few months. Seriously. I’ve seen him get 27 in one match.

I am close to maxing assists myself.

I could care less about Onyx Max, some need adjusted for Gold/Onyx!!! Clearly they didn’t put too much thought into these… =/ (i.e. Grounded)

I agree that much thought couldn’t have been put into them. One game mode will take too long to do legit, but all 3? It would be nice if they would adjust the numbers.

I don’t think the point was to get all of them. Just do the ones that fit your play style.

Some of us are kinda OCD, and want to fill out as many of these as possible. For example, when I play FF now, I don’t use grenades or heavy weapons to start, since I’ve maxed those out. I will pick up an FRG along the way as an “Oh Yoink” weapon if I get cornered by a bunch of elites, but for the most part, I’m using sniper, pistol, needler, or a vehicle to try and fill those commendations out.

I’m just about Reclaimer, so I’m not worried about the credits - just want to cross off as many boxes as possible, and some seen to require way too many.

I think the absolute worst is perfectionist in FF and Grounded along with Assist in campaign

> I think the absolute worst is perfectionist in FF and Grounded along with Assist in campaign

Perfection/Grounded in FF are hands down the worst, along with Wheelman’s in MM and AR kills in MM.

Assists in campaign is cake with a checkpoint on Nightfall rally point B.

I hit silver perfectionist today! 500 rounds, I’m so happy. I’m about to hit onyx backup. I already have silver grounded, the only thing left will be onyx riflin’ through. For those of us who don’t farm the campaign support role is a fever dream. I’m a pretty good driver but I don’t see myself getting even silver downshift. Personally I don’t think there should be a ‘max’ of anything. Once you reach onyx fine, but don’t give a max of 32000+, just let it go higher. Rear admiral, perfectionist, support role, grounded, what I don’t understand is why Get Loud is only 7000. It is the DUMBEST max to reach. It was listed as 8000 to max on bungie, but even still. I’ve got at least 50000 kills with heavy weapons in firefight. Playing arcade makes me cringe now, I do score attack because I have limited ammo, lives, and I can get killed much easier. Thank god there is no betrayal commendation.

Speaking of betrayals I was in firefight today and I met this guy who complained every time I blew up his ghost. Now it was on beachhead and he was NOT taking the ghost already provided on the map. He would hijack instead of blowing up enemy vehicles. In limited this would be a good idea, but in arcade? First time I had locked on with the plasma launcher and he got on as I fired. Second time it was at the end of the game and you know what? Maybe he didn’t know about betrayals in firefight but I did, no way in hell I was going to let him boost into me right before the bonus round.

> I think the absolute worst is perfectionist in FF and Grounded along with Assist in campaign

I agree with the perfectionist in firefight and the grounded commendation use to be a lot worse in the past for the fact that only a select few of the maps had vehicles and when they did it was one or two at the most. Now with the installation 4 map there are several banshees that you can take out making it a little bit easier. The assists in campaign is annoying for me for I rarely get assists and for me is the most boring . What I don’t understand is why not stop at the commendation progress when you get the onxy medal for you get credit up until that point but not when you max them out. So for me personally there is incentive to get the commendations to onxy, but not necessary max them out.

I’m only 1000 assists short of maxing the MM assist commendation and have vehicle kills maxed in MM. The only god awful commendations to onyx/max are the perfectionist/grounded ones from firefight, bungie goofed on those.